Deed of Acceptance

We will help you to grant your acceptance of Spanish inheritance in front of a Notary Public.

Corral&Alcaraz Law Firm provides you with comprehensive assistance preparing and signing the deed of acceptance before a public notary.

Our inheritance service includes the following:

  • Providing a detailed breakdown with all the costs involved related to expenses and taxes to be paid upon executing the deed of acceptance and vesting of estate.
  • Applying for NIE numbers for the inheritors, necessary to sign the deeds of acceptance before the public Notary in Spain and to have the Spanish properties registered in their names.
  • Obtaining all relevant paperwork in connection with the assets of the inheritance such as wills and any other necessary certificates.
  • Chasing the Land Registry to verify ownership and charges affecting the properties.
  • Preparation and execution of the public deed of Acceptance (Grant of Probate) before a public Notary.
  • Calculation and submission of the inheritance tax and registration of the properties at the Land Registry till obtaining the full inscription on the inheritors name.

There is a procedure and some steps must be followed to register and inscribe the assets into the inheritors names, for assets located in Spain by non residents.

An original Death Certificate is needed to make the first arrangements, and this document must be stamped with the Hague Apostille according to the Hague Convention, in the event that the decease has occurred abroad.

We will also need to allocate the Notary where the Last Spanish Will was granted by the deceased, to obtain an original copy. The Will will need to be Stamped with the Hague Apostille and translated into Spanish by sworn translator if was granted out of Spain.

In the event that there is no Will at all, it will be necessary to obtain a certification issued by the corresponding authority, stating who are the heirs as per the applicable legislation, also legalised with the Apostille of the Hague Convention.

At Corral&Alcaraz Law firm will be pleased to assist you in the whole mentioned procedure  in order to have properties registered in your name.

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