Wills & Inheritance

We highly recommend making an estate plan. Good provision can save a lot of problems in the future. Mainly because, having all your properties and goods clearly distributed among your heirs will make things easier and will reduce your inheritance tax.

Take a few minutes to consider the consequences of not having a will:

  • Your heirs will have to deal with the Spanish Administration in a foreign language.
  • Your assets would be distributed according to the Spanish law, instead of your personal wishes.

Preparing a Spanish Will is very easy and can be signed and registered all in one morning.

This has to be prepared by a Spanish Notary and it is handled in both languages, English/Spanish.

You may include your Spanish assets in your country’s Will but you have to be aware that to obtain probate in Spain, your Will it has to be legalised and translated into Spanish. We advise you to have two separate Wills, one in your own country for your home assets and one in Spain for the Spanish assets.

We can handle an existing Spanish Will and if you do not have a Will, we can help resolve problems for your heirs. We are experts; let our professionals assist you.

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