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There are many times throughout your life where you will need legal assistance. These may require you to fulfil tax obligations which otherwise could lead to you or your company facing the risk of serious fines or even a prison sentence. We specifically deal with liabilities for people who own properties in Spain.

The Spanish Inland Revenue is famous in the prosecution of fiscal fraud. Neglectful behavior in these matters could have serious consequences, leaving you with monetary fines and unnecessary headaches. Did you know that some people have unexpectedly had their properties seized? This could be the consequence of non payment of taxes, and may result in an investigation process being started, plus a record of bad debt against your property. We advise you to avoid these sorts of situations in advance using one of our skilled representatives who can deal with your tax issues.

We provide you with a comprehensive and professional Fiscal Representation service.

Our fiscal representation includes:

  • Calculating your taxes, completing the tax forms subject to your tax status and submitting them to the Spanish Inland Revenue.
  • Communicating with the Spanish Inland Revenue and acting on your behalf.
  • Keeping you informed and answering your queries.


Many people who live abroad and own a Spanish property ignore the responsibility of paying taxes, regardless if they are or are not receiving rental income. You must remember that among other taxes you also have to pay taxes for Capital gains obtained as a result of selling a property.


People who are residents in Spain have the same tax obligations as Spanish citizens, therefore the same rules and laws apply.

The difference for a resident tax is that a different tax rate is applied depending on your income and personal and family circumstances. In addition, you will also find differences depending on the area of Spain where you reside.

You must seriously consider Spanish legislation if you bring cash or a cheque to the bearer in or out of the country. The limit to declare is for quantities higher than 10,000 euros per person and per journey.

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