Property Claims

If you have purchased a house and you do not yet have all your paperwork in order, you can get an appointment with us to find the best solution to resolve your situation.

You may meet one of the following criteria:

1. Your house is built on urban or rustic land with a building license but:

Your title deed is not registered in the Property Register.

There is a serious risk of losing your property by the inscription of a third party. The first person to inscribe the title to the property gets to keep it. You must inscribe your title in the Property Register, it is the only truly secure form of property ownership in Spain.

There are legal problems in your deeds and they need to be amended.
There is no license of first occupation. A license of second occupation may be requested.
There are no plumbing, electricity or gas certificates (boletines).
There is no plan for the house.
Lack of 10 years insurance certificate. (compulsory for conveyancing)
Defects on the cadastral inscription with a possible local tax claim (IBI).
Infrastructure or building problems. Building guarantees are included in the Edification Law known as “LOE” and we may find different time frames depending on the type of construction fault: 10 years for serious structural faults, 3 years for less serious structural faults and 1 year for minor faults with the fixtures and finishing.
Breach of Contract on the purchase of an Off-plan House.
2. Your house is built on urban land with no building license.

Our expertise and experience solving these sorts of problems and dealing with the local administration will ensure the legalisation of your house.

However, the Town Council could have started disciplinary proceedings, with a possible threat of demolition of your house. We can also help you in this case, we are experts in litigation.

3. Your house is built on rustic land with no building license.

Sometimes these sorts of situations can be resolved by applying to the Town Hall. Upgrading from rustic to urban land is needed to be able to build on a rustic plot or applying for changes on land usages. Nevertheless, for those cases without a possible solution at first sight and with disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Town Hall and a consequent threat of demolition, we can also help. We are experts in litigation.

Planning Permissions

We may help you to obtain the necessary permission granted by the Town Hall by means of an administrative act authorising us to carry out the relevant works or improvement on your property.

Depending on the complexity of construction, the permission will be considered as Minor or Major Works:

MAJOR BUILDING WORKS: For new construction, extension and improvement, maintenance and demolition that affects the structure of the building, cover and/or building facade, roof, foundation, etc. with some exceptions.

It is compulsory to hand over a technical project plan signed by a qualified architect and certified by the Bar of Architects.

MINOR BUILDING WORKS: Minor building works, the construction of non technical work, as well as low value and cost, which normally result in limited drainage works, landscaping, decorating or enclosure.

It is essential that you communicate the description and surface of the work in square meters allowing the Town Hall to calculate the local fees.
However, the documentation to be provided in order to apply for the planning permission depends on the Local Rules (Ordenanzas) approved by each Town Hall.

Claims against developers, bank guarantee executions and insurance policies as per the Law 57/1968.

Do you have problems with your Plot?

We can help you and provide a solution to all your problems related to plot surfaces, Property Registry, Cadastre, boundaries, easements, segregation’s plots, grouping plots and taxes

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