Perhaps your SIP card has been cancelled recently or you need to issue one.

The following information may result of your interest as there is lots of confusion on this matter.

1.- People not receiving pensions and with no health benefit at their home countries.

They have to complete and submit the Derecho a la Asistencia Sanitaria form. This is for people so called sin recursos. It is the equivalent to Health Benefit in the UK.

Documents needed:

  • Certificate issued by your Government stating that you do not have the right to receive health benefit.
  • Padron Certificate in Spain
  • Residency Certificate and NIE

2.- Pensioners (People receiving a pension from the UK)

They have to complete the S1 form to ask for a heath benefit relief at your home country as you will receive health benefit in Spain.

Documents needed:

  • S1 form with proof of your incomes received from your home country (pensions)
  • Padron Certificate in Spain
  • Residency Certificate and NIE

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