Conveyancing on Purchase

We will help you when purchasing your property throughout all the conveyancing process. We offer you an independent legal service, offered by a team of registered lawyers and multi-skilled staff, fluent in English and in other languages. Client satisfaction guaranteed.

Our conveyancing service on purchase includes the following:

A prior legal investigation is made to ensure that there are no hidden charges or encumbrances affecting the property. A Property Report (Nota Simple) is requested at the Land Registry, which is a documented proof of the legal owners of the property and the charges. i.e. With a Nota Simple we may find an existing liens and encumbrances against the property.

We obtain your NIE numbers. Before starting the process, you must be aware that you need an Identification Number (known as NIE number) to sign any document in the Notary. You will also need this document for other transactions such as opening a bank account, applying for a mortgage or dealing with tax authorities.

We deal with the vendor/s and lawyers for drafting a private contract to secure your purchase and to agree terms and conditions in compliance with Spanish Law. It is common practice for the buyer to hand over a deposit to the seller in order to formalise the conveyance. We ensure the deposit is lodged safely with the vendor´s lawyer or any other safe party involved in the purchase. All the aspects and details of the purchase must be included in the contract, which is signed by both parties before the title deed takes place. All of our clients rights must be clearly protected on the contract, where it reads that the purchaser will lose his deposit in the case of nonfulfillment of the conditions agreed, or if it is the sellers who are not complying, they will be obligated to return double the amount. According to Spanish Law and the principle of Autonomy of the will this compensation clause should be stated on the sale contract as a guarantee of the fulfilment.

The property must have updated licences and authorisations, as well as no outstanding taxes or debts left unpaid. (Local Tax (IBI), Community fees,..), as well as any alterations or extensions made on the property must be fully registered at the Land Registry, and reported to the Catastro Office.

Before signing the Title deed we prepare all the necessary documentation and arrange all the necessary appointments, to ensure that the signing is completed without any complications, and arranging power of attorney for those purchasers who live abroad to complete on their behalf.

We may also assist you with applying and negotiating a mortgage, if you are not a cash buyer and need finance.

Attendance to the notary for the completion process and pay the corresponding taxes, ensuring your title deed are duly inscribed in the Land Registry.

Dealing with utility companies, and Community of Owners to change contracts and community charges into your name and set up direct debit for payments. We also deal with the Council to set up direct debit to pay your council tax.

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