Once you have found the property you want to buy (or sell) and before you have signed anything with the estate agent or the seller, we highly recommend you give us the opportunity to advise you.

We have a unique interest, which is supplying a professional and independent point of view to our customers, we will guide you in the right direction.

It is common practice when you buy a house from the builder or the estate agent that you deal with their solicitors. They should be professional and qualified but they will avoid confrontation either with the builder or the estate agent and always try to please them before you, for the simple reason, that they supply them with the bulk of their work.

We recommend you seek independent legal advice, to look after your rights.

At Corral & Alcaraz Law Firm we make sure that all the transactions are carried out strictly in accordance with the Spanish Law. We will guide you through all the processes in the different stages dealing with the vendors or purchasers, their lawyer, the Notary, the Land registry, the utility companies, the Council, the Tax Office, etc., providing you with professional independent legal advice during the whole procedure, to look after your rights and to ensure the property is purchased or sold without any kind of charges or liabilities.