Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document granted before a public Notary and by the signing of a PoA you grant power, to someone you appoint, to act on your behalf and to be your representative.

In the event of not being able to come to Spain in person, it is advisable to grant Power of Attorney to someone to act on your behalf either way you are selling or purchasing a property in Spain, to apply for a NIE number, to sign the deeds and contracts on your behalf, to apply for any necessary documents in your name, to open a Spanish bank account, for all legal proceedings and to resolve any other relevant matter related to you or your business.

This is also a very useful document to let your solicitor follow up on your property purchase, to resolve any issues you may have in Spain while you are away. i.e. any legal matter, to answer or appeal any official letters, to sign a rental contract, to make a payment you may need and you are unable to do remotely, etc..

A Power of Attorney can also be granted at a notary in your home country. This PoA needs to be legalised with the Hague Apostille and has to be translated into Spanish. Your country of origin has to be subscribed to the 1961 Hague Convention.

An alternative is to grant PoA with the Spanish Consul in your country, in this case the translation or the Apostle of The Hague is not necessary.

At Corral&Alcaraz we can send you a draft to be signed in your language and in Spanish, in such way you will save the cost to translate the document on arrival. Besides, we will send you instructions on how to proceed in your home country to get the document signed before a public Notary.

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