NIE Application

As a non-resident in Spain you need to apply for a NIE number (Foreigners Identification Number).

You will need a NIE number when dealing with the following situations:

  • Purchasing & selling a property in Spain.
  • Inheritance
  • When opening a bank account.
  • Working in Spain or setting up a business in Spain
  • Purchasing a vehicle.
  • Applying for a mortgage or loans.
  • As well as to carry out many other transactions in Spain.

In the event that you are abroad and not able to come to Spain in person, we can apply for a NIE number on your behalf if you grant us Power or Attorney (PoA). We can send you the instructions on how to proceed from the UK or from any other country.

We can make it very simple for you and achieve obtaining a NIE number within a couple of weeks if you are abroad.

If you are in Spain, a NIE number can be obtained in less than a week. We can easily help you either if you give us a PoA at a local Notary or if just you accompany us to the Foreign Office to sign the application form. It will keep you a few minutes only as we will collect the document for you a few days later.

We will also deal with the necessary registration of the document for tax purposes, by completing and submitting the form with the Spanish Inland Revenue.

Let us, at Corral & Alcaraz, help you.

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