Property Legislation

Your house is built on urban land with no building license.
The Town Council could have started disciplinary proceedings so there might be a fine to pay and even a possible threat of demolition of your house. However, in most cases the house will be able to be legalised and we can appeal the fine and fight for a reduction.

Your house is built on rustic land with no building licence.
The Town Council could have started disciplinary proceedings, so there might be a fine to pay and we may also be a threat of demolition, as building an illegal property in Spain is a criminal offence. This is the most complicated situation to deal with but we will consider the different alternatives to legalise the house, appealing for a reduction of the fine and avoiding the demolition of the house.

When do I have the right to pass over a Plot?

If your plot is in between others, the owner has the legal right for getting the way over the others.

What to do when your neighbour infringes your property. Is your neighbour obstructing your views?

Spanish Regulation about easements and boundaries are quite complicated and each case needs to be studied in particular.

In general terms, you cannot open windows with direct views, balconies or other similar projections unless it is two meters away from your neighbour’s boundary.

Let us know your case and one of our specialist lawyers will be happy to assist you.

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