Other Legal Actions

Corporate Law

We are experts in litigation for your business. Any legal proceedings in which your company might be involved will be professionally attended by our solicitors.

Family Law

Divorces – Separations

  • What are my Ex-Partners visitation Rights?
  • Did you know that you have the obligation to split finances for the children’s welfare?

Partnership without marriage

More and more people, both hetero- and homosexual, are choosing to live together without entering into marriage or a civil partnership. In Spain, living together for a long period of time will automatically qualify you for same protection under the law than married people. Their relationship with one another is recognised as having a legal standing in the eyes of the Spanish legal system.

Acknowledgment of Paternity

  • Are you not acknowledged by your father or mother, why refuse your rights?

What are your rights and obligations if you are someones child or parent?

myriadOther Legal Actions