You may be involved in a situation which could end up with Court Action. At Corral & Alcaraz Law Firm we understand that prevention is better than cure and prefer assisting our clients in advance. This will minimize your risks and avoid possible disputes that could end in Court Action.

Our aim is to settle and resolve disputes out of court. We advise you on the best method, whether that is negotiation or mediation. Nevertheless, if litigation in court is necessary, that will be pursued vigorously to ensure a rapid resolution.

Our lawyers at Corral & Alcaraz Law Firm specialise in litigation and have many years of experience.  They are ready to defend and protect your rights. Each case needs to be assessed in detail in order to evaluate the best possibility of success. They will ensure that your case progresses smoothly and that you are updated regularly as to progress and costs.

To arrange an appointment, request a quote or if you would just like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.