Tax On Your Business


We help people who have moved their residence to Spain and have decided to run their own business.

  • We deal with all tax obligations with regard to your business.
  • Setting up a Business involves a whole range of tax obligations.  Both at the set up stage and ongoing.  A business activity may be carried out as a self-employed (autonomos) or under a company structure.
  • The first step setting up a business is the formal communication of your commercial activity to the Spanish Inland Revenue, besides requesting a tax identification number for your business (CIF) (Mod. 036-037 AEAT).

Once you have started your business activity, incomes generated from self-employment will be taxed as Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and incomes generated from companies will be taxed as Corporation Tax (IS).  In addition, VAT regulations have to be complied with.

At Corral&Alcaraz Law Firm we will assess you to calculate, complete and submit your quarterly and annually tax forms. We are experts and may advise on the right direction to help you reduce your tax liability.

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